Opportunity’s mission coming to an end has re-woken an intense desire to consume every single piece of information regarding space. Growing up, space was just something I was surrounded by. I would seemingly just have something on the tv or a computer nearby which was turned to NASA or the ISS stream. You get the point.

As I got older and my education began to take over my time, space was pushed to the back burner. I missed years of space exploration, launches and so much more. No matter how much I wish I could turn back time to pay more attention to the stars around us, I can’t. However, I have chosen to change that – I strive to be current about all information regarding space, starting with Mars.

When I first read news that a rover will be heading to Mars soon, I got extremely excited for what this means. In just 504 days, a launch is planned. It will be tasked with four different goals. I believe that NASA has chosen the best for last: Preparing for Human Exploration.

Before I had even familiarized myself with the 2020 rover’s goal, I was excited for what this means for the human race. Opportunity and Spirit, the twin rovers, were launched in 2003. Until June 2018, we were learning about parts of Mars with 2003 technology. In 2012, Curiosity was launched but it is running on 7-year-old technology. This will be the newest and the best technology Earth has ever placed onto Mars.

With new technology, I can’t wait to see what new discoveries NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the rover find on Mars.

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